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Hi!  Jo Ann Marie here!  Thanks for stopping by!  A little about Zo Darin and us.  I’m a mom of three cutie pies Zoey, Darian, and Audrey and married to their daddy Adrian!  I love sharing about things we love and what we do! 

Zo Darin (Pronounced zoh-dare-in), like the phrase so daring. It came out from my kids’ names Zoey and Darian. To me it means to step out of the box and out of the comfort zone to just be yourself! That’s what I want not only for myself and my family, but for you too!

Becoming a mom, lifestyle changes because now there are children to think of. Sometimes the role of a mom is attached to all work and no play. Moms are human! We like to have fun too! I’m here to show on my blog that moms aren’t boring!  How? I’m here to help show you how to simplify your makeup routine with Maskcara Beauty, share how to brighten your fashion, and ways to make fun memories with your family! Really anything that we find amazing we want to share with you!

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About Me





Raising littles….Motherhood, how scared I was of it!  Me? Responsible for another human being…three at that now!  Why was I scared? It was because I was never around children long enough to really be responsible for them prior to having my own.  To be responsible for another human being and being the one to teach them life skills was frightening for me.  I still don’t have all the answers, but I do know I’m trying the very best mom I can be.  Everyday is a learning experience.  There’s pros and cons to everything, but as much as possible I’d like to make amazing memories for our family!

Being a Mom Isn’t Boring

Our household is busy, and if you’re like me, you’re days go by so fast.  You’ve taken care of everyone’s needs, but don’t forget to take care of yourself too.  

Can you recall when you take a flight, the presentation the crew makes before the plane takes off.  Each and every time when they get to the oxygen mask portion, what do they say? To place your mask first before children.  And you know the reason being is that you can’t help them if you don’t help yourself.  Same goes for our everyday lives.  We tend to either forget ourselves or sacrifice our needs. Not only that, moms tend to get the reputation of being boring.

The moral to the flight presentation: Take care of yourself mama!  Your physical, your mental, and your social health!  And further, being a mom isn’t boring!

In this blog I want to help moms who are raising littles to simplify their make up routines, brighten their fashion, while making fun memories with their families. 

raising littles

The Crew

Our Littles


So let me introduce to you my three littles.  Zoey, the big little, is the most creative little girl.  You can find her drawing all kinds of pictures, creating new outfits for her Barbies, or making little characters out of whatever craft/toy she can get her hands on.  

Darian, the middle little, is the most energetic little boy.  You can find him dancing to his favorite songs, playing basketball, or racing his cars all over the house.  He has the funniest sense of humor and hearing his laugh or seeing his smile will make you slightly forget whatever scheme he was up to.

Audrey, the little little, is the sweetest little girl.  She’s the newest to our family.  She’s a friendly little baby who likes to talk.  We have no clue what she says, but face gestures show that her babbles has a whole story to it.  We cannot wait to see more of her personality.



raising littles