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All About Maskcara Beauty and the Reasons Why I Chose Maskcara Beauty

All about Maskcara Beauty.  Why Maskcara Beauty?  My hope is that the reasons why I chose Maskcara Beauty may help you decide if Maskcara is for you.  Life sometimes gets the best of us and we’ll choose to drop what we may find least important to just save time.  I know after having kids, I definitely failed to maintain myself.  I’m not saying I don’t take showers, I’m meaning more of giving that extra little time to pamper myself.  Examples would be putting on make up or fixing my hair to more than just a pony tail or bun.  I wanted to change that.

How I got here? How’d I find Maskcara?  I some how stumbled upon a blog of another artist speaking of how she joined Maskcara.  Really, “what is it?” I thought, as I’m sure you’re wondering now too.  So I’m a person that digs into reviews, pros and cons, and others’ experiences with products.  You want to know if its legit right?!  So I found myself just getting sucked into a rabbit hole of information.  I thought to myself, there is no other way that I will know if I will like Maskcara other than actually trying it.  So on my birthday I decided to buy a compact for myself and I’m so so glad that I did.  A few weeks later, I joined Maskcara and became an artist.

What is MaskCara?

Maskcara makeup has become a necessity that helps me look and feel more of a confident mama!  What I love most is that it doesn’t look like I have too much make up on and definitely does not feel like it either.  I just feel I have more of a natural, glowing, polished look, that if I don’t have everything else together, at least my face is!

So what is MaskCara? The main product is contour and highlight.  It’s a 3D foundation that is made to enhance the beauty you already have.  If there’s one thing you should take out of this post that I’ve said, it should be when I said it helps me look and feel more of a confident mama.  I really mean this and its saying a lot because I do need to improve the confidence in myself as maybe some of you feel the same.  It doesn’t solve all the improvements I want to make, but for me it’s a start.

Reasons I joined

Listed below are the reasons why I chose Maskcara Beauty.

The product. One compact to use for your daily routine.  How convenient right?

How it makes me feel. I went from being confused and unsure what products to use to being confident on putting on MaskCara makeup.

No stock inventory.  You don’t have to create space for inventory at your home.  You maintain a replicated site for your customers to shop from, but all products, shipping, and returns are all handled by the Maskcara warehouse.

Want more information why I love Maskcara, go to my blog post Maskcara Beauty Makeup – Contour and Highlight

You can shop MaskCara Makeup here.

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What is Masckara?

Is it for you?

Only you can determine what’s best for you, but I guarantee it never hurts to give it a shot.  Just like how I told myself, I could endlessly read others’ experiences, but the only way to find out is to try it.  So do the same for yourself.  To start, find your Maskcara colors!  You can do that by taking this color match quiz.  Just click below.

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