Sometimes I just feel lost.  Don’t you ever feel like you’re not apart of anything, you don’t know your purpose, or felt all of a sudden you’re not on the right track?  I’ve felt all of the above and always asked myself, what are some things that can help with my self development?

Don’t get me wrong, there are times I do see my path, but stumbles occur along the way.  Plenty of them.  I find that during difficult times are the times when I try to find ways for self development.  You can find me looking for ways to learn how to improve myself, maybe you can call it soul searching.

Being a mom of three, I can definitely lose myself in that specific role and all the responsibilities it entails.  However, I have plenty of other roles I need to juggle.  And just thinking about it makes me dizzy.  Do you ever think to yourself, if I could just split myself up it would be easier, but we can’t literally split ourselves. 

Here are a few things that I do to help with self development and help me take steps for my personal goals and help ease any anxiety along the process.

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The holidays are quickly coming upon us and you can find just about any type of Holiday Gift Guide. Have you had any gift giving ideas? Holiday shopping can be fun, but also stressful. That’s why I love seeing Holiday Gift Guides to spark ideas! Thanksgiving is literally around the corner and just weeks until Christmas is here so there’s no time to dilly dally!

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Little Sprout Baby Shower


Baby Showers and Sprinkles

Everyone has their own preferences in regards to baby showers or sprinkles for those who have multiple children. As for myself, I love to celebrate. For each of my children, I want to celebrate their arrival. So sweet baby number three was celebrated just like her siblings. Here’s how we came up with a Little Sprout baby shower.

There are so many themes to choose from. Since our baby announcement was about how our garden is growing, it was fitting to celebrate our “Little Sprout”. Not only was the announcement one of the reasons for this theme, it’s also due to me having gestational diabetes in this pregnancy. That’ll be another topic I’ll talk about another time.

In this blog post, I mainly wanted to share the details of the work that was put into this baby shower by my friends and self. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful set up to celebrate our baby girl and absolutely want to thank everyone who took part in helping. And to my parents who let us use their home to host this event.

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Gender Reveal


Gender reveals are always exciting. So many ways on to do a gender reveal. Whether it’s finding out at your ultrasound, gather with friends and family, or even still having a fun reveal privately with you, your significant other, and kids. And if you’re wondering why I’m talking about gender reveals and haven’t heard my current news, read my last post “Every Pregnancy is Different“.

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Experiences at a Lantern Festival with Kids 5 and Under

We went to a lantern festival with kids 5 and under. It isn’t always easy to take children this age to public places, but it’s doable.  It takes time, patience, and sometimes some creative thinking when they just have a melt down.  The Lights Festival we attended took place somewhere in the outskirts of San Diego, CA.

I’d like to assume that if you have kids or you are a Disney lover, you’ve seen Tangled. This movie seems to always come to mind when describing what Light Fest or Rise is. And this is the scene that pops up in my mind.

So of course I think, “Omg we have to go here. The kids will love it!”

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