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Having a Skincare Routine


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Having a Skincare Routine

Your skin is the largest organ of the human body.

  It contains several layers of tissues and membranes that act as a barrier from foreign organisms.  If that’s the case, wouldn’t you want to take care of it?  That’s why there’s an importance of having a skincare routine 


Needless to say, it’s more than just splashing your face with water.  Skincare is not only for cleansing, but also for hydrating.

One specific routine I’ve adapted is the Korean skincare routine. Regarding this, it consists of the following 10 steps:


  • Oil Cleanser
  • Water-Based Cleanser
  • Exfoliator
  • Toner
  • Essence
  • Ampoules aka Booster or serums
  • Sheet Mask
  • Eye cream
  • Moisturizer
  • S. P. F.

This list looks quite lengthy for days that you’re on the go, however not all steps need to be done on a daily basis.

“Invest in your skin.  It is going to represent you for a very long time.” – Linden Tyler

Skincare is Self-care

Your skincare routine can be helpful to your mental health.   Setting aside some time for yourself helps you have some relief, even if it’s for a few minutes out of your day.

It’s a gateway to better health

A reason you might want to start a skincare routine is to resolve the current issues at you’re experiencing currently.  While treating an issue, you may want to start preventing these issues moving forward.   Meaning, you’ll want to start incorporating a better, healthier lifestyle which can help improve your skin.

If I could go speak to my teenage self, I’d tell her to look into not only cleansing my skin, but hydrating it too.  And to ALWAYS put on some sunblock.  But to be fair, as a preteen, I think I was online socially rather than using it for resources.

Starting a new routine

Furthermore, seeing a 10 step skincare routine may have you feeling overwhelmed.  To start at least have the basics;  a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.  Maskcara skincare system can be a great way to start.  As you go, you can experiment on which products works best for you.  That’s the best part of creating a skincare routine, it’s customed to your need as not every person will have the same type of skin.

Consequently, during this current COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been able to take the time to work on my skincare routine.  Ontop of using Maskcara’s skincare products, I’ve taken on the Korean Beauty skincare routine.  I can’t quite pinpoint how I decided to learn more about Korean Beauty, but it might be influenced by my binge watching on K drama on Netflix.  

Upon my search I came across Charlette Cho’s The Little Book of Skincare.  It was really an easy and interesting read.  Learned quite a few things about each step.  I highly suggest reading it. I’ll link where you can purchase a copy as well as another skincare book I’m currently reading.  

To sum up, whether you’re starting out or a skincare guru, it’s never too late to start, try no products, or change up your entire skincare routine.  As long as you have a skincare routine to care for your skin, you’ll see benefits throughout time.   Prevention is key in regards to your skin, once it’s damaged you can’t undo.

Maskcara Milk skincare system

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10 Step Korean Skincare Routine

Let’s get into a quick summary of each step and why it would be included as part of your routine.  Every step doesn’t have to be used, it would be to your discretion and your needs.

Oil Cleanser

It’s the first step of double cleansing technique used to lift oily make up and sun cream that usually water-based cleanser can’t remove.

Water-Based Cleanser

The second step of double cleansing technique that helps thoroughly remove water based particles on top of excess oil, make-up or sun cream products that may have still been lingering from the first cleanse.


Helps  remove dead skin cells and loosen particles clogged in pores so your can absorb other products better.  It helps improve skin texture and brightens your complexion.  This step may vary to each person’s skin sensitivity and how many times you might use this step.


This step is important because it hydrates and prepares your skin to properly absorb the following steps. It also returns the skin to a neutral pH level.


It contains higher concentration of active ingredients that provides greater results for hydration and shine.

Ampoules, Booster, & Serum

These are thicker consistency and addresses particular issues like wrinkles or spots.  Only a small amount like a drop or two are used because of the concentration.

Sheet Masks

Most well known step of Korean Skincare.  Should be used at least once or twice a week. The sheet helps the product on the mask from evaporating and helps absorb the ingredients and moisture.  Again it hydrates the skin.

Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes are delicate and shows signs of aging.  These treat the wrinkles, brighten dark circles, and moisturize.


Nourishes the skin and maintains the level of hydration.  Because this is thicker than the rest of the products which makes it last longer through the day and night.  This helps the skin absorb each step.

Sun Cream

By far the most critical step to protect your skin from UVA and UBA damage. It’s the filter that prevent the harmful effects of the sun.


Each step may differ for each person and in your morning or night routine. It’s great to understand what each step is used for so you can treat to your skin’s needs.  Some nights I may be too tired or I couldn’t get up early enough for my morning routine.  Personally at those situations, I would at least double cleanse, use toner, and apply moisturize.  Sun cream a must for the day.




Read Maskcara Milk Skincare for details on these products.






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April 22, 2020

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