The holidays are quickly coming upon us and you can find just about any type of Holiday Gift Guide. Have you had any gift giving ideas? Holiday shopping can be fun, but also stressful. That’s why I love seeing Holiday Gift Guides to spark ideas! Thanksgiving is literally around the corner and just weeks until Christmas is here so there’s no time to dilly dally!

My days lately consists of no makeup, bags under my eyes, hair either braided, in a “bun”, or ponytail. That’s what happens with a newborn in your life. I haven’t put much time for myself with now having three children. I need to remind myself that I do need some self care. Whether it be to put on a little makeup, journal, listen to music, or dress up a bit more. In doing a little bit of something for myself, just a little bit a day, goes a long way for my mentality. A healthy mommy brings a healthy family.

On that note, to put a little pep into my days or at least make it easier, I found a few things to add to my wish list. For those needing ideas on what to give a mommy that may need nursing friendly pieces, easy and affordable makeup (read about MaskCara Makeup here), or just fun pieces to have. Here’s a short Holiday Mommy Gift Guide that includes some of the cutest brands.

Holiday Gift Guide


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