Maskcara Beauty Makeup – Contour and Highlight, nope, its not the stuff you put on lashes.  Maskcara Beauty Makeup is a makeup line that helps women simplify their makeup routine.  The main focus is HACing “Highlight and Contouring”. So, What is Maskcara Beauty?

It consists of the following:



Lip + Cheek


Before I get into detail of each product, let me share my story of how I discovered Maskcara. Seems like a good way to give you an idea why I love Maskcara so much!

Discovering Maskcara

Anyone that knows me, you might be asking “Jo Ann wears make up?”  I do now! And I wanted to share that with others.  Why? If I could save time by just using one pallete over multiple compacts and bottles.  Wouldn’t others want to know that??

Applying make up, I really didn’t know where to start. On top of that, I did’t now what products I really needed. I don’t exactly recall how I stumbled upon Maskcara, I just did. What I found, a product that I could work with!  It literally takes a few minutes for me to apply and I actually love how it looks.  Doesn’t look caky and looks smooth.  AND I APPLIED IT!

I contacted a Masckara Artist, to ask what color works best for me! She suggested what is called the Dark Pallete.  What’s included:

Highlight: Mango, Contour: Indigo, Blush: Black Cherry, Illuminator: Rose Gold, Compact: Marble Pressboard

This pallete is worth $56, plus tax and shipping of course.  I thought, “hey, why not give it a try.” On top of that I purchased the IIID Perfector Sponge ( I didn’t have a blender so why not), but I opted out of the 30 Second HAC Brush since I though maybe I could use the brushes I already have. Fast forward, I ended up buying the 30 Second HAC Brush because no other brush was dense enough for a cream based product.

Tha Packaging

So it arrived and the packaging is too cute, yea?! I don’t know about you, but when the packaging is as cute as the produce, it makes me love it even more.   I was excited and here are the results of my first try.

Maskcara Results

1st Picture: No Make up

2nd Picture: Maskcara and Purple Reign

So here’s the outcome.  The first picture is pretty much how I have been majority of my life (Even Pre-baby).  This consists of a cleaned face with moisturizor.  The second is with my first ever application of Maskcara.  I mean for someone who doesn’t ever put on make up, it works right?! I think so!  The 4 step process makes it a light but full coverage that blends together creating a glowing complexion in just minutes.

As a result to such a positive experience with Maskcara for myself, I want to share with you how amazing it truly is.

So why Maskcara? Well, why NOT Maskcara? Are you intrigued yet?! Read more about what is Maskcara Makeup here!  You can find more about Maskcara here Zo Darin Maskcara.

Want to know your MaskCara colors?  

Take the Color Match Quiz

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