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Maskcara’s Double Ended Brushes and Tools

Meet Maskcara’s double ended brushes and tools. These double ended brushes are soft, dense, and will save you a whole lot of space. They definitely give the most bang for your buck! Each created uniquely for your makeup needs.

I’ll provide brief descriptions for each brush to help you decide which Maskcara will fit your needs.


30 Second HAC

What it is: The 30 Second HAC brush is perfect for applying your highlight and contour in a flash.

How you use it: Use the side coned to a tip for applying your highlight and use the wider side for applying your contour.

Why it’s better: The HAC brush was designed for a flawless and quick IIID Foundation application. The two sides were shaped to precisely fit in the contours of the face and to smooth in your highlight.

The Detail HAC

What it is: The Detail HAC Brush is perfect for a detailed highlight and contour application.

How you use it: Use the large end for applying a thin and detailed contour, and the small end for applying highlight into those smaller areas.

Why it’s better: Perfect for precision HACing or for thin faces!

Buffy Brush

What is it: Achieve airbrushed perfection with Buffy, the newest brush from Maskcara Beauty. The densely packed, domed and angled ends provide seamless coverage in a flash.

How you use it: Use the larger end for flawless highlight application and the smaller end for sculpted contouring to master the look of a professionally blurred finish.  

Why it’s better: It’s perfect for covering large pores, once scarring, and makes for easy contour placement.

Power Powder Brush

What it is: The Power Powder brush is uniquely designed for setting your makeup application.

How you use it: Use the curved side for applying powder to your highlight areas and the angledside for applying powder to your contour areas.

Why it’s better: The hairs on this brush are soft and dense, perfect for pressing powder into your skin. Double-ended brushes save space, and the unique shapes make it easy to apply precision powder to only the areas you need them.

B Squared Brush (Blush + Bronzer)

What it is: Customized specifically for applying blush and bronzer.

How you use it: Use the smaller, domed side to apply blush right into the apples of your cheeks and blend. Use the larger, fluffy side for applying a bronzer or setting powder.

I Shadow Everything Brush

What it is: This brush is a double-ended eye shadow brush perfect for all eye shadow techniques!

How you use it: Use the fluffy side for all-over color and blending. Use the smudge side to create smoky details.

Why it’s better: It makes eye shadow application quick and seamless!


What it is: The Multitasker is a brush for everything!

How you use it: Perfect for eyeliner, lining your lips, concealing blemishes, filling in eyebrows, targeted contouring, and so much more!

Why it’s better: Double-ended brushes save space, and the two unique shapes are perfect for any detail job!

Best Blend Forever Brush

What is it: Feel like your makeup routine is stuck in second gear? This brush has your back! Get ready to pivot that corner with the help of the Best Blend Friend.

How you use it: The BBF features a small and dense brush on one side, perfect for seamlessly applying and blending highlight on areas of your face you want to brighten, like under the eyes, between the brows, down the bridge of the nose, and on the chin. The other end features a wispy, tapered brush that is specially designed to apply a soft and natural kiss of blush or illuminator.

Why it’s better: Double the blending power, half the space in your bag.

Blend and Tap

What is it: Unblended makeup? We object! Achieve IIID perfection with the newest brush from Maskcara Beauty.

How you use it: The Blend and Tap features a soft and dense rounded end to apply eyeshadow right where you want it with intensity and precision, and a small domed end to blur shades and smudge lines like an expert.

Why it’s better: Take your look from soft and subtle to bold and dramatic and create the perfect smoky eye with this must-have brush.

Hotline Brush

What is it: A double-ended brush collection features an angled, flat end and spoil end.

How you use it: Use the angled, flat end perfect for creating thin, hair-like strokes. Use the spoolie end to blend and set your brows for a flawless finish.

Why it’s better: Give your Know Your Angles Brush a promotion to eyeliner-in-chief, because Hotline is the microblade precision you’ve been looking for.

IIID Perfector Sponge

What it is: The Perfector is a sponge designed for blending your makeup without removing it.

How you use it: Dampen your sponge, squeeze out excess water, and dab and roll over foundation that needs blending. Cleanse your sponge after each application. We recommend Restore for cleaning your brushes and tools.

Why it’s better: When damp, the Perfector doubles in size to create the perfect pillow for smoothing and softening without buffing off or soaking up your precious products!

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