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What is Maskcara Beauty Makeup?

what is maskcara beauty makeup


What is Maskcara Beauty Makeup?

Easy, affordable, time saving

What is Maskcara Beauty makeup?  A few post back I wrote about discovering Maskcara.  For those that haven’t read it yet, read it here.  It really is the go to makeup for the mama!

Why will you love Maskcara makeup?  Answer these questions:

  • Are you scrounging around your makeup bag or drawer to put on your makeup?
  • Do you want to take less time getting ready so you can move on to the other bajillion things you need to do?
  • Do you want to get more out of your spending money?

If you answered YES to all of these questions then GIRL listen up!

♥     One Compact.

Yes that’s right, one compact is all you need to get ready for the day. Maskcara keeps it simple and efficient!

♥     Professional and Affordable. 

Maskcara products keep your look smooth and not caky. Have the look of what makeup artists do, but you applied it yourself and you didn’t have to break the bank!  A basic palette (which includes a contour, highlight, blush, and illuminator) costs $56.  Add the HAC brush (trust me, the brush is a must have!) for $35 and that comes to $91 total.  A contour palette at your fave makeup store could cost up to $40 alone.  I’m not a rocket scientist, but Maskcara is sounding like the winning route so far. Plus FREE shipping!

♥     Enhances Beauty.  

Maskcara products enhances the beauty that is already there! Contouring and highlighting your way to confidence!

So now what? Well, let me help you with the next steps.

Take my color match quiz.

     The questions will help determine which products are best for you! And it only takes not more that 5 minutes.

Take the Color Match Quiz

Let’s find your color.

     After the quiz, the results help me give you recommendations of Maskcara colors that best suites you.

Have Confidence.

     You’ll be excited to buy the colors that’s fit for you!

Talk about covenience , you don’t even have to step out the door! I’m here to provide the information you need to get the perfect Maskcara product for you!

Take the Color Match Quiz

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